Deborah Jordan

Remix EP

Futuristica Music


Horizon (Dj Spinna Remix)

Deborah Jordan

Senses (Nicolay's New Possibilities Rework)

Deborah Jordan

Horizon (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Deborah Jordan



Incredible batch of remixes from some of the finest producers around. DJ Spinna creates a deep house beauty taking Deborah’s Horizon to a completely new and elevated place. Nicolay supplies a rich, deep and beautiful rework with lush keys, textured percussion and absolutely pure class instrumentation. Kaidi Tatham comes with a mid-tempo, broken soul beauty with stunning arrangements directed at the dance floor with big drums, lush keys and solid percussion. These two last teamed up on the Silhouette Brown project so it’s great to hear them combine musically once more. Also included is a gem of a track produced by the always dope Buscrates. Here he provides a tight, head nod groove with Deborah soaring in and around the snappy drums and soulful electric piano.

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