Isoul8 vs June Jazzin

Just The Way I Like It



Just The Way I Like It (12"Mix)

Isoul8 feat. Diamondancer

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June Jazzin

Now this is proper house music from the Noble Square label. Crate-digging veteran Volcon aka Isoul8 has linked with Diamond Dancer and enlisted the lush guitar of Piranahead to cook up a fantastically deep and effusive track that overflows with soul and spirituality, while the gentle vocals add another layer of cool. On the flip side, June Jazzin comes just as correct with a timeless broken beat track that glows thanks to the jazzy keys and bendy chords that light it up. Loungey yet heady, it’s as good as it gets, frankly, and will swell your heart in two different but equally impactful ways.

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