June Chikuma

The Midas Touch

Star Creature


Alpine Plant

Back In My Arms

Midas Touch

Still Life

Le Train

Something Is Technically Wrong

Star Creature team up for a Chicago <-> Tokyo expedition across a soundscape ranging from bossa nova lounge to pre-vaporwave exotica; new age city pop to minimal library boogie.

June Chikuma is best known now for her ground breaking Video Game soundtracks throughout the late 1980s and early 90s, most notably the now cult-classic status Bomberman Hero OST for Nintendo. During this same period she produced many recordings for a wide variety of clients including Japanese Public Transit Commercials, Video Game Arcades and VHS Nature Documentaries. Star Creature combed her archives and selected a nice mix of tracks as entry point into her work. These tracks have been rescued from obscurity, remastered and waxed up for contemporary universal enjoyment. 500 Copies. Pressed in Detroit.

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vinyl 12"