Kidd Mojo

Dionysia EP

HyperJazz Records


Kidd Mojo
  1. Gilgamesh Kidd Mojo Play
  2. Pearls feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow Kidd Mojo Play
  3. Theshapeoffunk2come Kidd Mojo Play
  4. VS Takitaro Kidd Mojo Play
  5. Pillar Of Autumn Kidd Mojo Play
  6. Siroco Kidd Mojo Play
  7. Hypermnesia Kidd Mojo Play
  8. Arimathea / The Eye of Revelation Kidd Mojo Play
Kidd Mojo

Passionate about beatmaking, punk, and Greek mythology, using his Mpc2000 like a stargate, Kidd Mojo tries to lead the ‘Dionysia’’s listeners into a very personal noisy journey through vintage sampling techniques, hip-hop beats, futuristic synths melted with hints of Afrobeat and jazz. An imaginary world, shaped by a modern ritual that encompasses past, present, and future and helps people reach their inner self through sound.

Shipping from Friday November 20th