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[NEW] Salsoul Sounds Familiar
Chicago Bus Stop (Dj Spinna ReFreak)
  1. Chicago Bus Stop (Dj Spinna ReFreak) The Salsoul Orchestra Play
  2. Stimulation (Twice & Volcov Edit) The Strangers Play
  3. Re-Fingered With Love Ge-ology Featuring Sonya Distel Play
  4. Latin Lover (Specter Edit) Joe Bataan Play
  5. On The Phone (Mark Grusane Edit) Civil Attack Play
  6. You Ain't Got No Money (Twice & Volcov Edit) Jaime Lynn Play
  7. Salsoul Rainbow (Kai Alcé NDATL Edit) The Salsoul Orchestra Play
[NEW] Salsoul Sounds Familiar

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Featuring a stellar array of internationally renowned underground diggers, DJ’s, producers and remixers including DJ Spinna, Mark Grusane, GE-OLOGY, Twice & Volcov, Kai Alce and Specter, this special collaborative release shines a light on the deep corners of the Salsoul catalogue, lovingly reworked for 2018’s discotheques by those who know, feel and understand the label, the dancefloor and respecting traditions while adding something a little bit different and a little bit new.