Tiombé Lockhart (feat. Robert Glasper, Bilal, eCUSSIONIST)

The Aquarius Years

Mother Tongue Records


The Aquarius Years (feat. Robert Glasper, Bilal, eCUSSIONIST)
Mr. Johnnie Walker
  1. Mr. Johnnie Walker Tiombè Lockhart Play
  2. G.P (feat. Robert Glasper) Tiombè Lockhart Play
  3. Sexy Suzy on A Sunday 1.5 (feat Bilal) Tiombè Lockhart Play
  4. Working Girls Suicide (Capricorn Eclipse) [feat eCUSSIONIST] Tiombè Lockhart Play
  5. Tip Of My Tongue Tiombè Lockhart Play
  6. You Need me Tiombè Lockhart Play
  7. California (feat. Robert Glasper) Tiombè Lockhart Play
The Aquarius Years (feat. Robert Glasper, Bilal, eCUSSIONIST)
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Tiombé Lockhart, known from the Platinum Pied Pipers cult classic Triple P, unearths her unofficial debut album The Aquarius Years for a complete re-mastering and premiere vinyl release. An elusive masterpiece of underground R’n’B featuring tracks previously only available on CD, that was sold during her tour and shows with PPP and Bilal in the early 2000s, or on a sought-after Japanese bootleg. The jazz phenomenon and multiple Grammy Award winner Robert Glasper is featured on the instant classic G.P. and a soaring cover of California Dreaming, which truly highlights Lockhart’s unforgettable voice that flawlessly fits Glasper’s incredible harmonies. The infamous soul singer Bilal, a lifelong collaborator of Lockhart, features on the sombre stepper Sexy Suzy On A Sunday, where they effortlessly blend trap-like 808s with classic, soulful R’n’B.

Tiombé Lockhart’s unmistakable vocals are at the heart of the LP, which leaves you thinking why and how these timeless songs have been under the radar for over a decade. We have been in love with Tiombé’s work since Triple P and ever since finding this project years ago, reason why we are very thankful and ecstatic to collaborate with her to finally give The Aquarius Years the worldwide attention it deserves.