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[NEW] Butterflying
Splinters Of A Rainbow Heart
  1. Splinters Of A Rainbow Heart Tommaso Cappellato Play
  2. Humming Beings Tommaso Cappellato Play
  3. Butterflying Tommaso Cappellato Play
  4. Take-Off Land Tommaso Cappellato Play
  5. Canvas In The Dark Tommaso Cappellato Play
  6. Catch Me If You Can Tommaso Cappellato Play
  7. No Flies For A Closed Mouth Tommaso Cappellato Play
  8. Abstract Travels Tommaso Cappellato Play
[NEW] Butterflying

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Butterflying — the latest offering from Italian multi-instrumentalist, producer and selector, Tommaso Cappellato — is an honest celebration of musical evolution.

Inspired by a recent trip to NYC (where he spent most of his formative years) and a beat tape by de nition, these eight tracks saunter between lo- hip hop and free jazz, from downtempo electronica to ambient bliss; the result of an open-hearted approach to discovery and time spent meticulously unearthing, rearranging and merging old and new material.

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