Anthony Nicholson & Lailah Reich

We Are One



We Are One (Miquifaye Vocal Mix)

Anthony Nicholson & Lailah Reich

We Are One (Miquifaye Instrulib Dub))

Anthony Nicholson & Lailah Reich

Lailah Reich’s vocal performance is the definition of fineness in execution. Sultry and soulful runs that make your toes curl juxtaposed against pocket production molded around her performance. Lailah’s instrument is subtle yet yearning for the opportunity to illustrate her force in sublime and subtle fashion. It is an honor and privilege to continue the Clairaudience tradition of showcasing the virtuosity of vocal instrumentalists In a nutshell we love what Lailah Reich brings to the mic. Anthony’s discovery of this ingenue remixing her on a project has grown to Lailah being one of his favorite vocalist to record. We Are One is an unconventional and minimalistic approach with haunting chords layered over pocket synth bass creating an abstract and artsy yet groove driven undertone. Certified Sole Therapy from Clairaudience.

Catalog No.

Vinyl 12"

12 November 2021

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