Alex Attias pres. El Mustang

TWO (2x12" Vinyl)

Visions Recordings


Rise Up (feat. C.Stalin)



Moonlight (feat. D.Bailey)

Wonderlust (feat. Rouhangeze)


Stay (feat. D.Bailey)

Just A Groove

Alex Attias, El Mustang Project is back with a new album. This second opus features full of new collaborations with on vocals Cecilia Stalin, Rouhangeze and Desney Bailey. Alex worked as well with the keyboardist and instrumentalist genuises Sohan Wilson and Hajime Yoshizawa and with Saxophonist friend Arthur Donnot and Alina Bzhezhinska on Harp.

 This Album has been made during a two years period between 2019 and 2021. This is a reflection of the various musical styles Alex was listening at home enjoying producing during the lockdown. The 8 first tracks feature a selection ranging from jazz to disco without the dancefloor in mind. It was a various and distant collaborations for the first time and the result is a selection of 12 tracks “ but only 8 for the limited vinyl album”. The remaing tracks are on the ep “life” that came out late december 2021.


Catalog No.

2 X 12" Vinyl

18 March 2022

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