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London-based artist, musical director and producer Amane shares ‘Moments Of Solace’ via Música Macondo. Introspective and contemplative from the outset, the 6-tracks EP meanders between the hypnotic pulse of electronic percussion, nocturnal pads evoking elated epiphanies and calming synths. Echoes that fade and return, an ecstatic wave of sound. For Amane, the music collected on ‘Moments Of Solace’ is the physical answer to a world that seems to become darker every day. A creative way out, a sonic world where ambient excursions à la Boards Of Canada coexist with thumping beats that could have rolled out of a Floating Points’ set at Plastic People. On ‘Moments Of Solace’ Amane distills ambient electronica, idm, jazz, crafting music that reflects his global pursuit – a non-stop touring creative able to soundtrack night drives on the Pacific coast highway, clubbing in London or a meditative trip on the Shinkansen.

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