Byron The Aquarius

Shroomz, Guns and Roses Vol.1




Freaknik 92 (feat.MDMA)

Miss Dat Girl (Dub)

Lunar orgasm (feat. Brandon Banks)

Never Come Down? (feat. cedthemighty)

“The story behind Shroomz, Guns and Roses came from the pandemic, it was a time I felt deep in nature and studying of zen, I felt like the pandemic brought out a darkness in me, and I combatted these negative thoughts with nature and mushrooms to create a balance in my life spending time in the mountains of Alabama and Asheville, North Carolina. I chose “guns” and “roses” as a way to juxtapose the violence we’re experiencing in the USA with the peace of mind a rose can bring as a balance in life. Music makes its way through these tough times we’re all facing, and to me, music is that rose. I paint a canvas of my emotions through synthesizers and drum machines to show the world balance can be found through even the toughest of times.”

Catalog No.

vinyl 12"

17 June 2022