Collettivo Immaginario

Tempo Al Tempo (OG & Patrick Gibin Edit)



Tempo Al Tempo (Original)

Tempo Al Tempo (Patrick Gibin Edit)

Collettivo Immaginario is set to unveil their newest single, “Tempo Al Tempo,” on November 10th. This musical journey transcends genres, evolving from a jazz-funk odyssey into a disco-house exploration, adorned with delightful hints of Brazilian-inspired melodies and the enchanting ambiance reminiscent of Italian 70’s library music. On the B-side, esteemed DJ and producer Patrick Gibin offers his reinterpretation of the original track, ensuring its irresistible allure on dance floors across the globe.

Alberto Lincetto (fender rhodes, clavinet, moog, vocals)
Nicolò Masetto (bass, guitar, vocals)
Tommaso Cappellato (drums, percussion, vocals)
Chauncey Yearwood (congas)
Danilo Plessow (moog)
Recorded in Paris (FR), March 2023
Written by Tommaso Cappellato, Alberto Lincetto, Nicolò Masetto & Danilo Plessow
Produced by Tommaso Cappellato & Danilo Plessow
Original Version Mixed by Tommaso Cappellato
Instrumental Edit Produced & Mixed by Patrick Gibin
Mastered by Max Trisotto
Graphic Artwork by Mattia Tono

Catalog No.

vinyl 12"

10 November 2023

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