Computer Jay feat. Orfeo

Cocaine Kisses



Cocaine Kisses

Look Who's Laughing Now

Confide In Shadows

Thieves Stay Cruel

Is It A Crime

Every Man For Himself

Mistakjes & Keepsakes

Know Better

Bittersweet Nothing

Step into a cosmic journey with “Cocaine Kisses,” an ethereal album that effortlessly blends spacey synthesizers, moody melodies, and loungey beats. This captivating musical expedition reflects the tumultuous emotions of love and trust issues, resonating with listeners on a profound level. Crafted during a period of personal transformation and isolation brought about by losing management and enduring the trials of quarantine for COVID-19, each track becomes a portal to both introspection and connection. From hauntingly beautiful melodies that mirror the depths of heartache to uplifting rhythms that evoke moments of hope, this album encapsulates the paradoxical nature of human relationships. As the celestial harmonies intertwine, listeners are reminded of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of forging meaningful bonds amidst adversity. Through “Cocaine Kisses,” prepare to embark on an otherworldly sonic odyssey that transcends the boundaries of time, welcoming you to a universe where love, loss, and self-discovery collide in a symphony of emotions.

Catalog No.

vinyl 12" LP

20 October 2023