Island Issues


Obsession feat. Bjak

Obsession (Less J Remix)

Obsession (Estrato Aurora La Pobla Reshape)

Obsession (Estrato Aurora Pink Houses Reshape)

Island Issues is back with a second release to close out its first year, this time in the form of another tastefully deep excursion from Dubbyman with remixes from Less J and Estrato Aurora. Dubbyman landed on Island Issues precursor Saft back in 2021 after three years away. He is a cultured artist who likes to go deep into the atmospheric end of house and techno on
labels like Ferrispark, Soul People Music and Deep Explorer, which he co-founded. He always brings a musical synth style and a hypnotic sense of groove as this latest offering shows once more. ‘Obsession’ finds him working with Bjak, who came up in Chicago’s early 90s scene and has been making waves for three decades since. Together they lay down a deep, body-popping and mid-tempo electro rhythm. It’s brought to life with steamy male vocals and boogie- tinged bass with a retro feel and tender piano chords that melt the heart.


Catalog No.

vinyl 12"

1 December 2023