Fred P

Unofficial Covers Interpretations (1 X Customer)


Return To Forever Rumble (Fred P's Journey Interpretation)

Fred P

Chick Corea La Festiva (Fred P's Tribal Beats Interpretation)

Fred P

Weather Report Havona (Fred P's Broken Beat Interpretation)

Fred P

Fred P makes a rare endeavour into the realm of covers with an ambitious project. With “Unofficial Covers Interpretations” Fred P reinterprets and reconstructs music by Return To Forever, Weather Report and Chick Corea. This very limited vinyl-only release is a reimagining of three of Fred P’s  favourites, each adapted for the dance floor, from his personal point of view. One of a kind as this is a rare step into the area known as cover music.

(1 X Customer – Shipping from Sept. 17th) 

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Vinyl 12"

20 August 2021

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