Hugo LX

What Does It Do EP

Doma Music


Offcut (If Anything)


Canary Gold Rims

Surrender II

In the footsteps of the jazzed out, synthetic experimentations of Doma Music inaugural release, The Platinum Wave EP, dance music journeyman Hugo LX returns with a new instalment on his own imprint – a four tracker entitled « What Does It Do? »
Four tracks that showcase the Parisian producer’s ability to switch styles and tempo while keeping a very unified audio signature.This new batch showcases the producer’s ability to switch styles and tempo, while keeping a very unified audio signature.Starting with the breezy « Offcut », a simple incomplete house session turned into a vaporous ambient shakedown, the EP quickly shifts into higher gears with «Firewater », a powerful yet silky dance composition, highlighting Hugo’s taste for synth layering and subtle arrangements. Building upon this sonic intensity, LX takes us on a ride with the spaced out « Canary Gold Rims », an ode to all things polyrhythmic where the beatmaker translate dance music « 4 to the floor » habits into some a less traditional 12/8 odyssey, with great helps from pianist Florian Pellissier cheeky Hohner Clavinet solos, before the program concludes with the second of iteration of « Surrender », a sensual, deep house floater tailored for late early morning dance floor situations.

Catalog No.

Vinyl 12"

19 May 2023