Jon Dixon

The New Tomorrow EP

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Tribute To Master Reese

Jon Dixon

90 On The Lodge feat. Knmdk Horns

Jon Dixon

The New Tomorrow

Jon Dixon


4EVR 4WRD label head, Jon Dixon is an artist who understands jazz and techno pushing this sound forward. He has had the opportunity to not only lead the Underground Resistance live acts Galaxy 2 Galaxy and Timeline, but he has also performed with Interstellar Fugitives, Amp Fiddler, Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, Derrick May, Francesco Tristano, Carl Craig, Goldie and more.
Jon delivers here 3 dancefloor jams influenced by jazz, techno and deep house music. Every release from Jon is special and his own and unique sound is once again delectable on this killer new EP for Visions. We hope you will love and play it loud everywhere.

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Vinyl 12"

16 April 2021