Josh Milan

Shapes & Colors Vol.2

Honeycomb Music


Heart And Mind (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

Josh Milan

God Is On My Side

Josh Milan

Heart And Mind (Honeycomb Club Mix)

Josh Milan


Josh Milan

Honeycomb Music is proud to present the next installment in the ‘Shapes, Colors, and Magic’ series.. For this second volume, followers will rejoice in hearing “Heart and Mind,” the electronic jazz tune first heard during an episode of “The Honeycomb Music Non-Radio Lunch Break” airing Mondays at noon EST at Requests for this elusive jam have been steady and strong ever since. With “Heart and Mind” as its anchor, Vol. 2 soars as Josh continues his exploration into some of the most intricate and innovative jazz, funk, and disco rhythms ever released on the label. Songs like “Peace” and “God Is on My Side” only deepen our love for Josh. In each of these tunes, we get to enjoy the creative brilliance of this virtuosic producer and composer. In short,  another must-have for any vinyl lover.

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Vinyl 12"

19 March 2021

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