Josh Milan

Shapes & Colors Vol.1

Honeycomb Music


Acts 2 and 4

Josh Milan

The Plight of the Square

Josh Milan

9 Pound Hammer

Josh Milan

First Graders

Josh Milan

Josh Milan’s phenomenal new vinyl series, based on the “Shapes, Color and Magic” EP. On his latest EP, Josh explores some of the most innovative jazz and dance music rhythms ever released on the label. “Acts 2 and 4” set the tone for a remarkable collection of instrumental songs that include such gems as: “9 Pound Hammer,” “Peace,” “God Is On My Side,” “The Plight of the Square” and “First Graders.” You can hear hints of Milan’s vocals throughout the project, but his lead vocals aren’t the focus here. In “Shapes, Color and Magic,” he pushes the boundaries and challenges our beliefs around danceable jazz music.

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Vinyl 12"

11 December 2020

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