Kaffe Crème / Gin Tonic Orchestra / Ron Trent

Trinity Various - Nuits Sonores EP

Floors Records


Nuits Sonore (Original Raw Mix)

Kaffe Crème

Nuits Sonore (Ron Trent Remix)

Kaffe Crème

Nuits Sonore (Gin Tonic Orchestra Rework)

Kaffe Crème

The release will bring together an original track composed by a member of the Floors Records collective, a rework by Gin Tonic Orchestra, and a remix by an international DJ. This project is the first of a series of recurring releases by Floors Records that will follow the same format.

The French producer Kaffe Crème, known for the highly sought-Kaffe Crème EP in 2016, has contributed an original track to the project called ‘Nuits Sonores’. The track pays homage to the festival of the same name in Lyon, France, in a classic old-school House style.

In addition, Chicago legend Ron Trent, widely considered one of the most talented and accomplished deep house producers of all time, has remixed the Gin Tonic Orchestra’s rework, adding his own unique touch as the Godfather of the genre.


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vinyl 12"

19 May 2023

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