Los Hermanos (Gerald Mitchell, Billy Love, Bob Rogue)

Another Day / Binary Funk Infusion / Let Love Live (Repress)

Mother Tongue Records


Another Day

produced by Soul Saver

Binary Funk Infusion (Extended Mix)

produced by Gerald Mitchell & Bob Rogue

The Billy Love Experience (Let Love Live)

produced by Gerald Mitchell & William Beaver

With this Ep for Mother Tongue Gerald Mitchell really shows what Soul is all about. The first Los Hermanos Ep on vinyl in over a decade brings it back to Church and then some! From the Gospel tones of the dancefloor smasher ‘Another Day’, to the electric techno-jazz of ‘Binary Funk Infusion’ featuring Bob Rogue [think of Herbie’s Dedication meeting Axis] and finally closing [and melting] with ‘Let Love Live’ featuring the incredible voice of Billy Love…it was definitely worth the wait.

Catalog No.

Vinyl 12"

14 April 2023

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