Malik Alston pres.

Outside Of The Box (V.A.)

Truth Manifest Records


BADEYA (Pirahnahead's P'Mix)

Malik Alston

5th Element

Malik Alston ft. Dave McMurray

What God Has For Me (Just One Stomp Remix)

Malik Alston & Maurissa Rose

Tie It Up (Malik's Latin Sunrise Remix)

Malik Alston ft. The Linwood Ensemble

Truth Manifest Records is proud and excited to release Outside Of The Box, a fresh new project designed to energize, elevate, and light up dance floors everywhere!Q

Malik Alston is the CEO and founder of Truth Manifest Records, founded in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan. He is one of Detroit’s premier music producers, vocalists, performers, and DJ’s. Malik produces and spins without boundaries, often fusing a multitude of styles to create innovations in sound.

His excellent solo works include Malik’s Mind, Poetic Reflections, Conscious Exposure, Dinner Music and This Music Is Life (Truth Manifest Records). He was the founder and executive producer of the vibrant jazzfusionhouse band Painted Pictures, whose well-received projects include Tuxedo Sessions (Truth Manifest Records) and Tuxedo Sessions Japan Edition (Truth Manifest Records/P-Vine Records). Malik’s recent, successful EP releases include In A Better Way (Mother Tongue), Malik Alston: Rebirth EP (Hardmatter), and Malik Alston Presents Painted Pictures: Air (The Jazz Diaries).  

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23 September 2022

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