Praise The Sun


In Good Spirits (feat. Glenn Astro)

Better Days (feat. Jazzy James)

Things Change (feat. Saib)

Endeavor 212

Endeavor 212 (Byron The Aquarius Remix)

The Great Conjunction (feat. Mark de Clive Lowe)

Praise The Sun (Wrong To Be Right

All You Need

The Believer

Aziza (The Hereafter)

Until We Meet Again

Freedom And You

From his humble beginnings in 2011, North African, Casablanca-born and based producer has been continuously shaping his sound signature in the sphere of electronic music, resulting in a cross-genres blend appealing to both DJs and music fans from all across the spectrum. After a small run of exalted singles and EPs, Polyswitch gravitates towards the full-length format with “PRAISE THE SUN“ a 12-track sonic testimonial committed to the tradition of his previously released material, showcasing his distinct sense of substantially blending a vibrant profusion of musical currents.

Emanating from an expression of delight and adoration, “PRAISE THE SUN” can be used as a universal answer to questions like ‘What to do?’ when there are no other solutions left. Reflecting the times, recorded during periods of duress and uncertainty, “PTS“ is a body of work conveying feelings of harmony, hope, love, and unity throughout sublime musical works. Within, the artist introspectively addresses perseverance and resilience using instrumentation as the prime expression vessel.

Catalog No.

vinyl 12"

26 August 2022