Sohan Wilson

Love Is The Key

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Guerrero Eterno

Anissa's Theme

All I want is again

Spring Birds

Night sky

Feel it

Childhood memories

Hey Girl

I'll tell you until you'll hear it

Anthem for the Universe

Sohan Wilson is a young composer and arranger keyboard player from Switzerland. Half of duo Keys of Lynx, Sohan sent us his album almost 2 years ago and we were totally impressed with the quality and the soulful vibe. He asked us if we were interested in releasing it and we said yes.

 For this first album the inspiration came from the 70’s and the 80’s with a touch of contemporary soul and jazz. The A side holds 4 tracks entirely recorded with musicians for a total acoustic and organic experience like « in the old days « while the B side is made with Beats and a more electronic soulful approach.  This album tells a story, almost like a movie  and thats why its a complete album to listen from beginning to end and enjoy the full experience of Sohan Wilson first solo Long player. Featuring the amazing voices from Dwight Trible and Brian Owens this album sounds already like a future classic that you want a listen over and over again.

Catalog No.

vinyl 12" LP

23 September 2022

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