Stefano De Santis

Barra Nova (7inch)

Ten Lovers Music


Barra Nova


First release from Ten Lovers Music in 2023 is from Stefano De Santis with a superb 7″ featuring two tracks Barra Nova and Partido#2, Barra Nova is an up-tempo Brazilian Broken Beat Fusion piece carrying on from where his last tack on Ten Lovers Music “Song For George D.” TLM030 left off. The AA side drops a few gears for some slow Broken Beat action with the track Partido#2 but still retaining his unmistakable sound, keeping it jazzy. Stefano is a multi instrumentalist, playing the Rhodes Piano, Moog, Prophet 5, Solina Strings Ensemble, Juno 6, Upright Piano and Percussion on both tracks. This 7″ is release 40 number on Ten Lovers Music, so this a very proud time for us to be able to put out such amazing music.

Catalog No.

vinyl 7"

17 February 2023