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Secret Society EP

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Secret Society



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Percussionist Takashi Nakazato is well known for his work with Jazztronik and Kyoto Jazz Massive and is now back on Ten Lovers Music with a stunning new Japanese Latin Jazz EP. The Takashi Nakazato Set are the following musicians featuring over the four tracks; Willy Calderon (Timbales), Yu Hagiwara (Alto Sax/Soprano Sax), Kei Ishi (Baby Bass), Miwa Kashima (Rhodes/Piano), Ryo Kawasaki (Electric Bass/Double Bass), Takahiro Miyazaki (Tenor Sax), Oli Savill (Congas), Ayumi Suzuki (Vibraphone/Marimba), Mitsuru Tanaka (Trumpet), Hayato Yamazaki (Drums) and of course Takashi Nakazato himself (Batá Drums, Cheqere, Cowbell, Claves, Wind Chime, Chaworó, Congas, Bongo, Catá, Iyá, Vibra Slap, Cymbal). The EP was mixed by Eiji Hirano at Studio Happiness in Japan and mastered by Jose Rico in Madrid, Spain. All four tracks are quality pieces of music in their own right and we were more than happy to commit this to vinyl.

Catalog No.

vinyl 12"

16 June 2023