The Abstract Eye

Nine Oh Nine EP

Technoindigenous Studies


Did You Catch That?

Dark Dancefloor

Take Nine Oh Nine

Can You Keep Up

The Abstract Eye is back once again with his first offering on the Technoindigenous Studies label, and it’s a heavy one! Here he gives us another mega banger with his Nine Oh Nine EP. This record uses one of the most historically important drum machines throughout its entirety: the Roland TR-909. The classic drum machine used by his predecessors in electronic dance music also happens to have been released during the year of his birth. You almost surely know the sound of the TR-909 in other contexts, but, as he always does, he adds his atypical twist to it and uses it in a timeless context. Each of the record’s four pieces could have been released decades ago or far into the future. Another Gifted & Blessed production sure to please and set the dancefloor ablaze!

Catalog No.

vinyl 12"

17 February 2023