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Days Ahead

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The new album from The Peter Franks Group beautifully combines live instrumentation and dusty samples, creating a warm, organic hybrid of jazz and beats featuring an outstanding ensemble of contemporary guest artists from the UK including Nat Birchall on sax, Amanda Whiting on harp, Robert Mitchell on keys, Tom Mason on bass, Marc Rapson on keys, Rachel Crennell on flute, Gordon Wedderburn on spoken word and Julian Ferraretto on strings. The combination of intimate yet focussed playing with raw edged production makes for a beautiful journey through filtered sonic landscapes and adventurous individual solos, covering varied tempos and time signatures with a nod to past greats as well as keeping an eye firmly on the future.

Peter Franks wanted to seamlessly blend the samples and live musicianship by using additional vinyl ‘noise’ to create a cohesive and consistent sound throughout the album giving it a distinctly retro feel and a certain authenticity.

Catalog No.

vinyl 12" LP

14 July 2023

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