Vick Lavender

Chicago Blue Line (incl. Antonio Ocasio & Kai Alce Rmxs)

Cataleya Music


Chicago Blue Line (Vick's Time Traveler Mix)

Chicago Blue Line (Antonio Ocasio Lofty Remix)

Chicago Blue Line (Kai Alce Remix)

Vick Lavender returns to Cataleya Music with the sensational Chicago Blue Line. This is a magical key led jam with a deep reaching melody. The first half has an acidic bassline, whilst the second features a free flowing flute and a strong bass guitar. Remixes come from two legendary producers. First up is Spiritual House pioneer Antonio Ocasio. The Tribal Winds boss provides a glorious star gazing effort with ‘Lofty’ key work and flexing sax. The equally esteemed Kai Alcé takes the track in a different direction. His remix starts as an energetic dancefloor winner with unrelenting percussion and an instep bassline. Three minutes later, the mood changes with freeform jazz piano, live percussion and pointed trumpeting. Chicago Blue Line is another high quality release from Sweden’s Cataleya Music.

Catalog No.

vinyl 12"

19 July 2024