Alphonsus Idigo


Dig This Way


Flight 505

We Got To Love



What More Can I Do For You

Mystic World

riginally recorded in 1987 at Tabansi recorded Studio & Roger All Stars and pressed by Wilfilms, Nigeria. You’ll find six tracks of drumcomputer driven lo-fi jams laced with catchy synth lines from the mind of producer Austine Onwurah, who was quite active in the 80’s.. The project with Mr. Idigo resulted in a highly addictive cosmic boogie album which includes four absolute highlights. The record starts with one of the standout cuts; Flight 505, which is a tough electro/boogie crossover with vocals and sparse vocoder on top. Followed by the heavy boogie jam ‘We Got To Love’ , that is the personal favorite and a great track for DJ’s . The magnificent A-side closes with the catchy title track, again great production with top chorus and synth hook. On the flip you’ll find the wicked digital reggae tune ‘Mystic World’ with still ever relevant lyrics that closes the LP.. There is something special about this sought after record, the way the instrumentation has been played and programmed is very groovy and musical with a certain sound to it that is unmistakably Nigerian. The synth melodies weave in the tracks with ease and layers of funky bass and guitar float on top. Music that will grow on you every time you listen to it, one of the clever wonders coming from Nigeria! Officially licensed with courtesy of the family. Carefully restored and remastered with respect to the original sound and artwork. ‘’The need to ‘Search’ has come oh’ people of the world we have taken earthly forms the wisdom of love and unity thou shall love one another for love and unity is the route of life so do I search for Love, Peace & Unity’’ – Alphonsus Idigo 

Catalog No.

vinyl 12"

26 January 2024